Managing your Israel Vacation Apartment

Welcome to Israel?

As you open the door of your Israel vacation apartment, what will you find inside? A plague of ants in the kitchen cupboards, a broken refrigerator, a leaking pipe in the bathroom, or a local wild cat nesting with her kittens on your balcony?

When you arrive in Israel after a long journey, looking forward to a relaxing stay in your vacation apartment, you want to find everything clean, tidy and ready for your family holiday. The beds should be made up with freshly laundered linens, and you should find fresh food in the refrigerator, clean bathrooms, and no pests!

Creative Estates specializes in managing properties in Israel for their owners, and our service includes the cleaning and maintenance of holiday homes throughout the country. Whether your apartment is rented out or sitting empty, it is important that someone is keeping an eye on it for you. We enter at least twice a week to make sure that the property is secure and nothing has burst, leaked or collapsed. We take care of all the utilities and bills, and liaise with the building manager on your behalf.

In advance of your visit we will make sure that the apartment is set up for you with every detail taken care of. We will organize the receipt of deliveries – furniture and appliances or groceries – and check every light bulb and fixture to make sure you don’t find anything out of order.

Every vacation starts with peace of mind – let Creative Estates take care of your vacation apartment and make sure there are no nasty surprises awaiting you.