When it comes to renovating you property in Israel, you may want someone with experience to take care of it on your behalf. We can work closely with you and to your specifications, or take care of the entire renovation project in line with your budget. Whatever structural or superficial work is needed, we will hire reliable skilled professionals to take care of it, and check that their work is carried out to the highest standards, including cleaning your property thoroughly after any work, and changing the locks if keys have been given to workers.

Creative Estates manages a number of unfurnished and furnished apartments in Israel. We will organise whatever repairs are needed, and prepare every aspect of your apartment for rental. We know from past experience that it is in the owner’s long-term interest to ensure at the beginning of each rental that all the fixtures and fittings are in good order, to avoid expensive emergency call-outs and disputes. We believe in taking care of problems before they arise.

We have a database of expert contractors throughout the Sharon region who can be relied upon undertake plumbing and electrical work, painting and general maintenance to a high standard at reasonable cost and at short notice.

Here are some pictures of renovations that we have carried out on Creative Estates managed properties: