Herzliya tops the league tables in Israel for the wealthiest residents and the highest quality of life. Located on the Mediterranean coast, its beaches and top class hotels attract tourists all year round.  Its Herzliya Pituach suburb is home to foreign diplomats and international jet-setters, but the city also has seven other working-class neighborhoods and a busy industrial zone with many international company headquarters. Herzliya has three shopping malls, and its marina (shown below) is a focal point for leisure activities and nightlife.


Recent developments in Pituach by the Sea are likely to increase demand. Premier real estate along the shoreline has been planned and designed to combine prestige housing with a beach front hotel, restaurants, cafes and water sports facilities. Traffic is routed underground and there are landscaped paths for pedestrians only, linking public parks and community facilities. It is hard to believe that this green paradise is located just a few minutes’ drive from Tel Aviv! The entry prices for these residential projects are steep because Pituach by the Sea will soon become one of the most sought-after locations for wealthy Israelis and expats alike.

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