Property Management in Jerusalem

Creative Estates Israel offers property management in Jerusalem, with a bundle of expert services for the management of long-term rental real estate in the Holy City.

Jerusalem’s uniqueness is the seamless mixture of old and new, historic and contemporary properties. Owning real estate in this most sought-after city is a dream come true for many Jewish families.

Since Jerusalem was recaptured in 1967, the city has expanded its boundaries significantly. The Old City is popular with tourists, but the New City is now one of Israel’s most modern and exciting cities. Today, Jerusalem covers 125 square kilometers and is home to almost a million people.

Property management in Jerusalem starts with knowing the city and its diverse neighborhoods. Jerusalem’s northern suburbs are predominantly home to the religious population of the city, while the southern neighborhoods house traditional and secular Jewish families from all over the world. The long-term rental market for residential property in Jerusalem is strong, boosted by the steady flow of new Olim (immigrants) who make their way to the city. Some of the buildings are old and require careful management, to ensure that maintenance costs do not spiral out of control. It is important to engage someone who is experienced in property management in Jerusalem to help to protect your investment and maximize your returns.

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