Cleaning House in Israel – 7 Essential Products

Creative Estates Israel manages many rental properties in Israel and sends in teams of professional cleaners between rentals and before owner visits. We asked our cleaning crew for the 7 best cleaning products for cleaning house in Israel, so here are their recommendations for keeping your home in Israel clean and shining!

  • Economica – household bleach is the universal cleaning product in Israel. It is used generously to clean floors and surfaces, often with pleasant scents added to the bleach to mask its unpleasant smell. It is easy to forget how caustic it is – always wear gloves and beware splashes on clothing.
  • Magic Sponge is the secret product that we use to keep our white walls white! Almost any mark comes off with a damp magic sponge, and it is not impregnated with chemicals so it is easy and safe to use.
  • Calgon often provides the remedy for those annoying limescale deposits that appear wherever water sits. Because water in Israel is ‘hard’, it leaves behind white calcium deposits. Accumulated deposits can block pipes and inhibit the functioning of kettles, hot water heaters, shower heads and washing machines, so look for appropriate Calgon descaling products for your appliances too.
  • Sponga Stick – it’s not a product, but it is the “weapon” of choice for most Israeli cleaners in the war on dirty floors. Simple but effective – simply wrap a damp cloth (shmatter in Hebrew!) around the rubber floor stick and wipe your floors quickly and easily. Sponga is the Israeli way to clean!
  • Window Cleaning Spray – this is a no-brainer for keeping windows clean so that you can see the sunshine and enjoy those bright blue skies. However, pick your season – there is no point cleaning your windows in the winter or the spring until the last rains are over, because rain in Israel often carries dust or sand, and you’ll just have to clean them all over again!
  • St. Moritz Oven Cleaner – if you need to clean your oven after a spill or to prepare for Pesach, this is the strongest cleaning product we know! It attacks baked-on greasy spills, but it is also highly toxic – open the windows to ventilate the kitchen, wear gloves and old clothes to use this product, and always keep it far away from children.
  • Vinegar – some people swear by natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda because they don’t like using dangerous chemicals. Vinegar can often help to remove light limescale marks and to clean windows, so you can save your chemical weapons for the heavier cleaning tasks.

If cleaning house in Israel sounds like hard work that you don’t have time for, the Creative Estates Israel cleaning and maintenance team would be happy to take care of your Israel rental property. Talk to Shaun Isaacson about our property management services today.