Friday Crisis Resolved

It was every landlord’s nightmare – a pipe burst on a Friday afternoon. When the tenant called Creative Estates at 12.00 noon on Friday, we dispatched our emergency plumbing team to assess the problem.

Some Israeli plumbers would have disconnected the water and arranged to come back and fix the problem after the weekend, but our team didn’t want to leave the tenant without water. They rigged a temporary water supply pipe to circumvent the leak, restoring the water supply by 4.00pm on  Friday.

After the weekend, they came back to fix the pipe and patch up the damage. They also checked the location of the pipe and verified that fixing the problem, and the damage that had been caused, would all be covered by the insurance policy. The landlord would not be out of pocket when he found out about the broken pipe, which was only after it had already been fixed!

Creative Estates goes the extra mile to make life easier for landlords and for tenants. That’s what professional property management is all about.