10 Summer Tips for Properties in Israel

If you live in Israel, or own a property in Israel that you visit in the summer, check out our tips on preparing your Israeli home for the long hot summer.

1) Air Conditioning
How did we ever manage without it?! Before the heat gets too intense, we recommend that you check that each of your air conditioning units and fans is working, and that you have the right remote control handsets.

2) Clean your Filters
The amount of fluff that can collect and clog your air conditioning units is unbelievable!  Simply remove each filter, rinse, dry and replace. With this simple step your air will be cleaner and your electricity bills lower when you cool your home this summer.

3) Clean your Solar Panels
Up on the roof they are liable to get forgotten, but the accumulation of mud and dust over the winter may be blocking the light from your solar panels. If you can’t climb up to clean and check your panels, it’s worth hiring a maintenance man to do so – you will save money on water if your solar water heating system works more efficiently as a result.

4) Bug Extermination
If you don’t want ants in your kitchen or cockroaches in the shower this summer, it’s worth hiring an exterminator once a year. Ask for “Hadbara” or “Risus” in Hebrew, and check that your exterminator is licensed for the safe use of dangerous chemicals. Plan his visit for a day when you can stay out away for a few hours after spraying, and keep children and pets away until the chemicals have been thoroughly cleaned up.

5) Watering Your Plants
Without rain your plants will quickly die, so make sure that your indoor plants and outdoor garden are well-watered. Israeli drip irrigation systems are usually computer-controlled and require minimum supervision – ask an expert to set it up, then sit back and enjoy the flowers!

6) Pool Maintenance
If you have a swimming pool or other water features, they need to be regularly maintained throughout the summer, whether you are using them or not. If you are away, find a reliable pool company to service your pool and clean your filters regularly.

7) Enjoy the Sunshine through Clean Windows!
Window-cleaners are not common in Israel (we know some if you want a recommendation) but there are also tools available to help you clean even inaccessible windows. Wait until after the last spring rains to give the glass and the blinds (trissim) a really good wash. The results can be enlightening!

8) Roof Repairs and External Painting

Summer is the best time to take care of the exterior surfaces of your property – plastering any cracks and painting the walls. White-washing the roof can really help to reduce the heat inside your home.

9) Treating Showers and Baths
Because we use them more in the summer, we recommend treating your shower heads, faucets (taps) and ceramic surfaces with anti-calk cleaning fluid, to remove calcium deposits and keep the water flowing smoothly.

10) Defrost and Chill Out!
If ice builds up in your freezer, now is the time to clean it out and defrost it. This helps to ease the burden on the freezer motor so that it can chill your drinks more efficiently!

Creative Estates Israel manages properties all over central Israel, and we send our maintenance teams to every property to check that everything is ready for summer.

Speak to Creative Estates about managing your property in Israel – contact Shaun@CEIsrael.com