Weather-Checking Your Property in Israel

When it rains in Israel, it pours! The first rainfall of the season can catch you out and flood your home. Your tenants will phone you in the middle of the night or the next morning, complaining about leaks and damaged furniture. That’s why you need a good property management company that anticipates the weather and prevents the catastrophes.

Nine months without rain in Israel means that both tenants and landlords forget how much damage can be done and how fast. This year’s first rainfall dropped 17mm of water on Tel Aviv in one hour!

Creative Estates Israel manages properties all over central Israel and we were ready for the deluge. We sent out our maintenance teams at the end of the summer to check and clear gutters and drains, paying special attention to gardens and areas with overhanging trees. We made sure that water would not collect in places where it could cause flooding inside the property. We checked cracks, window seals and air conditioner gaps to make sure that everything was well sealed.

Water can seep through the smallest cracks and will always find the weakest points through which to escape, often causing leaks or dampness in the walls. Persistent dampness during the winter months can cause people allergies and breathing difficulties, as well as damaging furniture, furnishings and the building structure. Landlords are expected to protect their properties against leaks and dampness, and they are generally held liable for damages caused if they fail to do so.

Preparing your property in Israel for winter also means checking that the back-up water, electricity and heating systems are fully functioning. Since most properties rely on solar heating the rest of the year, tenants only turn on their electric water heater when the weather turns cloudy and cold. All types of heating systems need to be checked before they are powered up for the first time. We have removed bird’s nests from flues which could have caused carbon monoxide poisoning if the boiler was turned on without its ventilation system being checked first.

Winter in Israel is short and sweet, but water can do a great deal of harm. Well managed properties, whether tenanted or empty, should always be thoroughly checked at the start of the winter to ensure that they are weather-proof.

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