Making Emotional and Intelligent Investment Decisions

Real estate in Israel can be an emotional as well as an intellectual investment decision. Many Jewish families around the world choose to buy a home in Israel, as a holiday home, with a view to retiring here, or so that their children can make Aliyah, or even “just in case”. Managed well, it can also be a profitable venture.

Owning a property in Israel is a sensible long-term investment, particularly when it is rented out to quality long-term tenants. Creative Estates manages a portfolio of diverse properties throughout Israel’s central region, from Haifa to Bat Yam. Our clients appreciate that we take care of their home as if it was our own, shouldering both the financial and the physical responsibilities.

From finding and vetting tenants and negotiating the rental contract, to managing contractors and liaising with the building management committee and insurance companies, our legal expertise is particularly helpful. We understand overseas investors’ tax liability and ensure that income and property taxes are paid on time. Insurance, utilities bills, rent collection and banking are carefully managed, and we submit monthly reports charting the return on your investment.

Saving you Money and Sparing you Headaches

As a professional property manager with many years’ experience, I am frequently asked whether the benefits of hiring me outweigh my costs. The short answer is yes:  My clients tell me that I save them money and headaches, because property management in Israel is more complex and time-consuming that they realized!

The real value of a property manager comes when something goes wrong. A burst water pipe in the building – typically on a Friday afternoon – is our problem not yours. We have a team of contractors standing ready to make emergency repairs, and we have experience in dealing with insurance claims to ensure that all the costs are covered. We’re here to protect your investment, and that includes organizing regular inspections of your property to ensure that it is well-maintained and weatherproof.

A good property manager knows how to keep your tenants happy and how to find new tenants when they leave, to ensure that your property is never sitting empty. As a native South African who has lived in Israel for most of my life, I know how to manage local contractors, and how to negotiate rental contracts and insurance policies to protect your interests. As a lawyer, I am familiar with regulations regarding rentals, landlords’ and tenants’ legal rights and obligations. Together with my maintenance team, I also manage holiday homes for many of our clients, keeping their beach-front properties in tip-top condition and getting everything ready for their vacation visits.

Spotting the Best Investment Opportunities

At Creative Estates, we stay up to date with all the latest real estate projects around Central Israel, so we can advise you on the best locations to buy properties. Buying properties off-plan in new developments can increase the return on your investment, but they require careful scrutiny throughout the construction process. With new train lines currently under construction throughout the region, we can tell you about the neighborhoods that will soon become prime commuter communities with excellent rental potential. Creative Estates can also help you to rent or sell your existing property in Israel, working with the top local agents and getting you the best possible price.

Shaun Isaacson is a qualified Israeli Lawyer, MBA and Real Estate Agent, and CEO of Creative Estates Israel. You can contact him in complete confidence for investment advice or a price quote for managing your Israel property at