Maintaining your Swimming Pool in Israel

Swimming pool maintenance is a major part of our summer program at Creative Estates Israel, but we actually maintain over 20 swimming pools all year round for our Israel property management clients.

Open air swimming pools require constant maintenance and attention. Your pool should be a source of pleasure and relaxation, not a source of stress and hassle! We help our clients by preparing their swimming pool for use at the start of the summer, or indeed at any time when they or their guests want to use it, and by checking and maintaining it all year round.

Essential tasks include cleaning and filtering the water, checking the chemical levels, maintaining the tiles, the membrane, and the area around the pool. Covers and fences also require maintenance, particularly during the winter, to make sure that they are not compromised. If something falls in the pool and goes unnoticed, it can clog up the filter and cause major mechanical problems later on.

We work with Israel’s leading swimming pool installation and maintenance company to manage all the pools on our properties. They install the latest hi-tech gadgets into all our pools so that we are alerted if there is a problem. For example, our clients have remote control via their smartphone to check the acidity, salt and chlorine levels in their swimming pool, and they receive weekly reminders for maintenance tasks that should be carried out. When they are away from their properties, they pass these reminders on to Creative Estates and we take care of the cleaning, filtering and troubleshooting.

Many of our clients have installed the latest cover alarms on their swimming pools, which alert them remotely if someone opens the cover on their pool while they are away or if someone forgets to close it. Again, our team are always on hand to check on what is happening and make sure that there is no safety issue with their swimming pool while they are absent.

If you have a property in Israel with a swimming pool and you want to make sure that it is professionally maintained, or if you are considering installing a pool, Creative Estates would be happy to advise and give you a competitive quotation.