7 Essential Israel Property Maintenance Tasks

Some landlords are just happy to sit back and collect the rent from their rental properties, but good property management companies understand the importance of carrying out regular maintenance checks to protect their clients’ investment. Failure to do so can result in costly floods, tenant complaints and lost rent.

These are just seven of the essential property maintenance tasks that Creative Estates carries out on behalf of its clients in Israel, alongside their regular financial and management tasks.

1. Checking for Leaks & Water Damage

Even the arid climate of Israel has a rainy season! Creative Estates always checks each property for cracks and gaps in window seals at the start of the winter, and also after heavy storms, to make sure that the drains on gutters and balconies are not overflowing and causing a build-up of water. Inside the property, we check pipes, boilers and under sinks, looking for early signs of problems and fixing them before they cause water damage. We also flush each of the toilets to ensure that they are working correctly and not wasting water.

2. Extermination of Pests

Ants, cockroaches and other pests can drive away tenants. Regular extermination treatment with environmentally approved and pet-friendly chemicals is essential to keeping any property in Israel pest-free.

3. Bathroom Caulking

Over time, the waterproof seal between baths, showers, basins and walls can dry out and crack. This can cause water to leak through and cause extensive damage. We regularly check the seals and grouting between bathroom wall and floor tiles and replace it as necessary.

4. Smoke Detectors

It is important to check smoke detectors regularly to ensure that the batteries have not expired and they are in working order. Tenants sometimes disconnect them to stop the alarm and forget to reset them. Smoke detectors save lives, and they should be replaced every 10 years.

5. Air Conditioning Filters

The filters in air conditioning systems of all types can become blocked with dust, which forces the system to work harder and increase utility bills. This can also cause malfunctions and leaks. It is usually recommended to check and wash or change the filters every six months. As with many systems, regular maintenance can help to keep them running smoothly so that they break down less and require replacement less frequently.

6. Mail and Utilities

Ignoring important communications that arrive in the mail but get ignored by tenants can cause major problems for landlords. We make sure to check all notifications from utilities companies, ensure that all bills and local taxes (Arnona) are paid on time, and communicate directly with the building’s management committee. We are constantly protecting the property owner’s interests, including checking that the consumption of water and electric consumption is correctly charged.

7. Relationship Maintenance

A happy tenant is a profitable tenant! We try to maintain good relationships with tenants and encourage them to tell us when something is not working in the property. That helps us to fix problems before they deteriorate, and avoids crisis call-outs.

If your property in Israel is not been managed and maintained to this high standard, you can talk to Shaun Isaacson at Creative Estates in complete confidence, and we will give you a price quote for taking over the job.